March 24, 2011

Not So "Cheep"

I think this is my only chance at realizing my childhood dream of flying;
At least I'd be one step closer with my own pretty perch.

Flying is a lofty goal
But would that make it worth the lofty price?

August 18, 2010

pretty rad

Take this rug, for instance:

The reason I like this is because it makes me think really hard.
Yes, it is what you think it is:

I like it, but would Frank be confused? (That could be problematic).
And this bath mat rocks...


thanks, Jamie, for introducing us on your last visit.

November 15, 2009

Stop Tormenting Me

... Seriously.
You keep coming back catalog after catalog.
I get it.
There are a million ways to use you-
whether for books, rears, or feet.
You are simple and understated and amazing.
I have big dreams for you.

I love you
I need to keep the peace with my current living room.

Natural Tree-Stump, $229, West Elm

September 28, 2009

Ron Arad Exhibit

This weekend I was lucky enough to get a glimpse of the Ron Arad exhibit,
"No Discipline" at the Museum of Modern Art (MOMA) in New York City.

I don't claim to have any sort of photography skills but above you can find
"Even the Odd Balls?" (2008), "New Orleans" (1999), "Lolita" (2004), and "Narrow Papardelle" (1992).
And yes, you can text-message the chandelier, in case you were wondering
--her name is Lolita--
and your message will appear (and travel) down her
2,100 crystals and 1,050 white LEDs which are
wound into a corkscrew shape.

Arad's designs hang out somewhere between art, industrial design, architecture
and sculpture and are considered "design art" by many.
Critics have called them both self-indulgent and frivolous,
but I disagree.
At a time when designers are focused on social and environmental issues,
Arad manages to march to his own beat (though the exhibit
leaves you wondering what that beat was, exactly).

When art is condemned for being motivated by a desire for self expression
haven't we missed the point a little?

I thought the exhibit was shocking and aggressive
(in a good way)
personally, very inspiring.

EDIT: I became frustrated and traded my own pics
for professional ones. Thanks, Dezeen.

July 22, 2009

The "White" Idea

The power of white should never be underestimated.

White walls, flooring, and decor can be used to create
a feeling of brightness, lightness, openness or cleanliness
in an otherwise dark or cramped space.
That's a lot of versatility for one basic color!

When used artfully, white creates the most dramatic
interiors. With a crisp white background, the tiniest splash of color
is eye-grabbing and high-impact.

Does the mere thought of white walls make you snore?
Use texture
--vintage collectables, antiques, raised mill work, coffered ceilings, dramatic wainscoting, and ofcourse, textiles--
to make "middle-of-the-road" into "magnificent".

Don't forget that not all whites are created equal--
a slight tint can change the whole feeling of the space.
  • Linen and Mediterranean Whites have a creamy tint and makes spaces feel warmer (sunnier). This type of yellow-white [generally] looks best paired with dark, antique, and natural woods and traditional interiors.
  • Super or Ultra Whites are bright, pure whites. This white can act as a mirror and reflect light. These whites are best when used in a contemporary, minimalist interior.
  • Cloud Whites have a cool, barely-noticeable blue or green tint. These whites are soothing but can be more difficult to use in practice.

In other words, white need not be sterile, boring, or predictable.
The options are limitless.

Thanks Tartanscot and Elle Decor for the exquisite example photos.

July 6, 2009

"I hate labels."

"I reject
pigeonholes and categories.
I'm more than that. I can be a
coffee table. A place to put your feet
up or to sit while you pull off your boots.
I can be a bench at the end of the bed.
I can be pure decoration or an impromptu picnic
table. I can be whatever works best with your life."

I am form and function.

Darryl Carter for Thomasville

April 22, 2009

Victoria's Best-Kept Secret

Just what I need; one more reason to love this store.
I was expecting to be dissappointed,
but, instead, I love the sumptous fabric and sleek design.
Very victoria-esque.
I could just fall into one of these beds... and then stay there for days--possibly weeks.
(Particularly enticing considering finals begin Friday.)
Don't the pillows and sheets look like they might just melt?