October 27, 2008


They say that the first step to recovery is admitting you have a problem.
So let's just come clean, shall we?-
I am obsessed with contemporaryfurniture.com's coffee tables.
See, and that's not even the whole truth.
I am obsessed with their entire table collection.

But really, can you blame me?

Your thoughts are appreciated as I work through this...

(To satisfy your obsession, go here-)

October 8, 2008

Less Is More

Or, as some may be inclined to say,
"Keep it simple, stupid."
A great motto for do-it-yourself interior design.
Or for any design, for that matter.
P.S. Love that coffee table.

Coffee Table, $399

October 5, 2008

Desperately wishing...

...I was in the market for guest-bedroom-bedding.

If I was, I'd buy this tomorrow...

In that color.

And throw in the crocheted sham.

$99 duvet (cover only)-
West Elm

October 3, 2008

When was the last time...

You saw nursery furniture like this?

These fanciful designs take it to another level -and no doubt,

look like they came out of the pages of a fairytale.

Unfortunately, the photographer does a less-than-perfect job of

showing these gems off.

For a closer look, go here: