August 24, 2008

Looking for a couch?

Then consider the following:

Leather- go with leather if you have the budget to do it. It is the most durable and
easily cleaned material. Rawhide is said to be four times stronger than any man-made material. A leather couch is a great investment -it'll last forever if properly cared for. If you are worried about maintenance with a leather couch, (like scratching) know that it is about equivalent to upholstered sofas -but the leather version will wear better. You will need to condition the leather every-so-often.

Must have upholstered?

D'oro Suede (also called "microfiber) is the easiest fabric to clean, and one of the most durable.
"Micro" fiber refers to the tight weave of the fabric -the tighter the weave,
the easier to clean because the stain can not penetrate the surface. A great option if you have kids/pets/spills.

Velvet and some Chenille fabrics would follow D'oro Suede in the durability test. Liquid spills will be a lot more work with these fabrics. Remember that you need to vacuum upholstered sofas, and fluff cushions monthly.

Stay away from Linen and Bark Cloth fabrics (or anything with a large weave) unless it will be used less frequently and only by adults.