September 23, 2008

The Elephant in the Room

Let's just get this out on the table.

There are approximately three (3) reasons why you should
have white furniture in your home.
And by furniture, I specifically mean coffee tables, occasional tables,
dining tables, dressers, and other medium or large wooden objects.
I am not talking about white couches

-we could have a whole discussion on the practicality (or not!) of that.

Numero Uno: You really, truly, do live in a country cottage.
(You're not just being "cutesy" and pretending you do, because you
can't figure out any other look).

Dos: You are currently decorating an infant's bedroom.
I understand. Sometimes you just can't say 'no' to that
pretty white bassinet and petal pink sheet set.
I'm not saying I could, either.

And, finally: Your home furnishings are quite contemporary.
In this case, white is more than allowable.
However, I'm really hoping you're not going the
"contemporary must mean stark white everywhere" route.

That's it. Three reasons. You disappointed?
Think again before you go into auto pilot and decide
white is the way to go. It's cheap-looking, it's boring, and looks like
you're decorating a country cottage.

Only're not.

P.S. If you are offended by this post, don't be. If there is one rule that is absolutely true in design, it is that there is no hard-and-fast rule.
Your white furniture is probably the exception to all the rules.