September 11, 2008

Going "green"?

Since light and bright green has become the popular decor color in the past year,
this post may come too late for those of you who
already jumped on the bandwagon and redecorated.
Green is great because it can be either ultra-funky and casual
or glamorous and formal. (Most people opt for casual, it seems).

The color green is still around this fall though, so if
you are contemplating a green-inspired makeover,
remember this one tip:
Your greens do not need to match.
In fact, it is much better if they don't.
Of course, the hues you choose shouldn't clash either.

Remember that the color of the green may change
depending on what you put it on or next to.
For instance, some greens when placed on tan or cappuccino colors will
turn out barf-y. Some greens are barf-y to begin with.
Try a color out, and if it doesn't look right, take it back.

And, one final tip: if you are redecorating, remember that
the cheapest, fastest, easiest way to do it is simply switch out
textiles and accessory pieces.
You can change the look of a room dramatically this way.
In other words, you shouldn't have to start at square one looking for new furniture-
unless, of course, you want to.