November 24, 2008

Oscar the Grouch

Has anyone seen the article in the current issue of Vogue on
Oscar De La Rentas' home & gardens?
I haven't had a chance to read through it yet,
but I was disappointed by what I saw in the pictures of his house & home.
You would think someone with such
an eye for sleek and sophisticated fashion-design
wouldn't have such geriatric decorating tastes.
The rooms are dimly lit, and heavily/elaborately
(and might I even say incoherently?) adorned.
Instead of resembling the fresh face of the future
the look takes us back to the past -
the medieval past.
Parting the curtains, getting rid of some of the clutter,
and outlawing the use of floral prints would help a lot.
To be fair, I must say that there is something
quite lovely about the way this bedroom
is put together (above).
And I would even (shudder) keep the floral prints-
though I certainly can't explain why.