July 22, 2009

The "White" Idea

The power of white should never be underestimated.

White walls, flooring, and decor can be used to create
a feeling of brightness, lightness, openness or cleanliness
in an otherwise dark or cramped space.
That's a lot of versatility for one basic color!

When used artfully, white creates the most dramatic
interiors. With a crisp white background, the tiniest splash of color
is eye-grabbing and high-impact.

Does the mere thought of white walls make you snore?
Use texture
--vintage collectables, antiques, raised mill work, coffered ceilings, dramatic wainscoting, and ofcourse, textiles--
to make "middle-of-the-road" into "magnificent".

Don't forget that not all whites are created equal--
a slight tint can change the whole feeling of the space.
  • Linen and Mediterranean Whites have a creamy tint and makes spaces feel warmer (sunnier). This type of yellow-white [generally] looks best paired with dark, antique, and natural woods and traditional interiors.
  • Super or Ultra Whites are bright, pure whites. This white can act as a mirror and reflect light. These whites are best when used in a contemporary, minimalist interior.
  • Cloud Whites have a cool, barely-noticeable blue or green tint. These whites are soothing but can be more difficult to use in practice.

In other words, white need not be sterile, boring, or predictable.
The options are limitless.

Thanks Tartanscot and Elle Decor for the exquisite example photos.