September 28, 2009

Ron Arad Exhibit

This weekend I was lucky enough to get a glimpse of the Ron Arad exhibit,
"No Discipline" at the Museum of Modern Art (MOMA) in New York City.

I don't claim to have any sort of photography skills but above you can find
"Even the Odd Balls?" (2008), "New Orleans" (1999), "Lolita" (2004), and "Narrow Papardelle" (1992).
And yes, you can text-message the chandelier, in case you were wondering
--her name is Lolita--
and your message will appear (and travel) down her
2,100 crystals and 1,050 white LEDs which are
wound into a corkscrew shape.

Arad's designs hang out somewhere between art, industrial design, architecture
and sculpture and are considered "design art" by many.
Critics have called them both self-indulgent and frivolous,
but I disagree.
At a time when designers are focused on social and environmental issues,
Arad manages to march to his own beat (though the exhibit
leaves you wondering what that beat was, exactly).

When art is condemned for being motivated by a desire for self expression
haven't we missed the point a little?

I thought the exhibit was shocking and aggressive
(in a good way)
personally, very inspiring.

EDIT: I became frustrated and traded my own pics
for professional ones. Thanks, Dezeen.